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Reviews and Customer Comments


These comments are copied straight off of my Etsy page. I am honoured and humbled by the feedback from these amazing customers. Plenty more 5 star reviews available under the review tab on my Etsy shop.

"Such a fun, original gift idea! Couple loved it. Was the talk of the bridal shower."

"I got this for my parents and they absolutely loved it. She did everything I requested, and it looks even more beautiful in person."

"Incredible attention to detail. Love the new frame. It adds even more depth and character to these pebble art masterpieces. Shipping was fast and the packaging was professional. Highly recommend."


"What seller Angie is able to do with her creative family art work is beyond the simplistic title of "Sticks And Stones." I purchased one of her pieces as a present for my family and I must tell you...once I opened the finely secured box which included a thank you note, tons of wrapping, and most importantly, a truly beautiful art piece that is much more than just stones and sticks - I was in disbelief. Love the gift! It conveys warmth and dedication and love. Really impressed and happy with the seller, the product, the overall experience. I am truly thankful for the prompt delivery, the entire package which was more than just a gift in a box, but really a completely fulfilling experience that I will hang on the family's wall and look at daily. Thank you Angie!"

"I absolutely love this. It is a unique, touching interpretation of a devoted couple. After I opened the outer packaging, this was wrapped like something from a fine gift shop. Angie enclosed a note describing the origin of the materials and a beautiful proverb that brought me to tears. She is truly a sweet soul."


"My third and favourite purchase, this was given to my son and his family. Sticks and Stones Gallery has become a go to gift spot for me and I know a few close friends putting in their wish list orders already! Thanks for the great customer service, it's so hard to find these days. Definitely worth the expense to have such unique and special art designs. Appreciate all your convos and answering all my questions. You are truly an exquisite artist AND person! Good luck! I will be back!"


"Angie is such a talented lady who dreams up the most amazing personalized pebble art gifts for every occasion. I'm a repeat customer and love everything she has made me!!"


"Exactly what I wanted! Working with Angie was extremely easy and she was able to take my ideas and turn it into a truly memorable piece. As we get ready to say good bye to our 13 year old furry friend, this piece will help us remember the many years of love that she's given us. Thanks so much Angie!"


"According to my friends, even their dog loved it :) thank u!"


"This was the perfect gift for a very special family who'd been trying to have a baby for so long! It now graces the walls of the baby Evan's nursery! Loved the personalized name for an added unique touch! Thanks for such a custom gift! They loved it!"


"Great Valentine's Day gift for my daughter! She loves beach combing and this will be treasured for years to come. Will be back! Thanks also for the super fast shipping and hand written card. You're a doll!"



"This second purchase from Angie seems to have moved my name to top everyone's 'gift exchanger(s)' list! It's one thing to 'think' you've found the perfect gift and more than rewarding when the receiver echo's that impression!!! And for you Angie: all that time you spent wrapping, including cards, standing in line at your post to mail to another country with the Christmas deadline quickly approaching... I just imagine your wondering if it was appreciated: ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY & THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!"


"Angie is such a talented lady who dreams up the most amazing personalized pebble art gifts for every occasion. I'm a repeat customer and love everything she has made me."


"Angie...Angie...Angie...You are SO talented! I just received the "Unique Nautical Themed Gift" pebble art that I ordered from you and I love it! You are incredibly gifted at this type of art form and your ability to make it more than just sticks and stones, is unbelievably magnificent. Thank you so much for this. I will definitely be ordering more from your shop! Thank you very very much!"


"I bought this for my 11 year old son who's beloved Lab passed away last year at the age of 14. We spent many days on the river with our dog retrieving rocks and sticks. This picture captures perfectly the bond between two best buddies. It will be something we will treasure always. We both cried when we opened it. Thanks so much for your help in the customization and your caring thoughts."


"Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! It's even better in person!!! Such a lovely presentation as well, and I can tell you spent extra time prepping the order for shipping. Appreciate the uniqueness and creativity behind this one of a kind gift! It'll be cherished for years to come. Thanks soooooo much!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"


"Love this unique shop! It is filled with great gift ideas. My in-laws family loved this and I am shocked that the design was even better in person. High quality frame and materials used in the design. Pleasantly surprised and will be back! Excellent customer service!"


"Perfect for my man cave. A sure winning gift for any man who likes fishing"


"This was my 2nd purchase from SticksnStone Design and I absolutely love it. Both purchases were engagement gifts for my daughters and future sons-in-law. The craftsmanship is gorgeous and I received my orders very quickly. I highly recommend SticksnStones and will surely be shopping with Angie again!"



"Bought as a special gift for a special couple, this unique gift was the talk of the present opening!! Highly recommend! Quick shipping too!!"


"Quick service and communication! She also offered to attach a birthday card when I notified her that it was a gift. :-)"



"Thanks so much!!! We LOVE our wedding design. Such a unique way to celebrate our special day. Our design is just lovely. Better then expected! Such excellent attention to detail. Lovely packaging and quick delivery too!! We will be back again! HIGHLY recommend to everyone! You will be thrilled!!!"


"Absolutely, positively LOVE it!!! Dealing with the most difficult aspect of death & tribute, Angie not only dealt with me positively & professionally, she added a suggestion that made this order beyond PERFECT!!! And yes Angie, this did photograph beautifully yet no photo can compare to beautiful perfection in person viewing brings! If you want something truly high quality, this is the place to be & the gal to speak with! And the shipping… I got this faster than most things I’ve ordered here in the States!!!"


"I LOVE love LOVE this! It's subtle yet personal...just what I wanted! THANK YOU!"


"Exactly what I expected and ordered. Love 👍"


"Wonderful! Even better in person!"


"Perfect for a family who has everything! Appreciate the times shipping! Will be back!"






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