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About Me:


Growing up on beautiful Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, has led to a strong love of the ocean and nature. My family and I love to go for a walk on the beach, looking for special stones, pieces of unique driftwood, frosty beach glass and detailed shells. Spending time fly fishing from the shore in the fall has also assisted in spying natural treasures along the shore line.

This whole experience has been such an exciting journey. I have always loved finding heart rocks, and other beach combing treasures. My first shadow box design was an oyster shell and stone bride and groom pebble art design I made for my sister's wedding, I wanted to bring them something special from the West Coast, as they now live in the desert. While walking the beach one day with my family, a beautiful oyster shell caught my eye, and I envisioned a tiered wedding dress, much like the one my sister was going to wear. Everything sort of went from there to create a unique, one of a kind wedding gift for them.

I have made a series of shadow box pebble art designs, approx 1200 as of Jan.1 , 2019, since then to portray and represent many of life's special occasions and other West Coast scenes. I have learned so much since I began, and have met some incredibly generous and talented Etsy shop owners. Opening an Etsy shop has been an excellent way for me to work from home and raise our two children- 9 and 12. I feel so blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom, and I hope this venture allows a bit of extra income for our family, while also getting us outside in nature. As a former health care professional, I also value the creative side this has opened up for me and continue to enjoy exploring where this journey leads.



In August 2017 my healthy 39 year old husband suffered a Subarachnoid brain hemorrhage or ruptured brain aneurysm, a very rare and life threatening condition. This drastically changed our family's path, and we are still coming to terms with the changes. After emergency surgery out of town, followed by the past 18 months of intense therapy he is making miraculous strides. We are all continuing to grown and heal and I think my new designs definitely reflect some of the aspects of our growth and trials. For more on our story you can follow me on social media (links below) or shoot me and email and we can connect.  




About the Designs:

Showcased in elegant black wood 9 X 11 X 3 inch shadow box frames, these unique creations are set off by navy blue or black matting and a pearly white background to highlight the natural variations in the stones. Each shadow box encompasses a variety of beautiful materials hand picked from the shores of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. Designs are initialed by me on the front and signed on the back.

Personalization of the design is available upon request. This could include adding names, initials or a date in the corner of the design. If this is something you are interested in please indicate so during checkout.

I also love making custom designs so if there is a particular theme or configuration you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact me:-)
Holiday or Congratulations cards are also available to include if this is a gift. Please let me know your message and I will include it with your order.



You can also find me at:



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